Sound Banks and Presets

Prophet Sunday Volume 1 Sound Bank- 99 patches for the DSI Prophet 12

This carefully curated set of patches for the DSI/Sequential Prophet 12 includes all the elements needed to create full productions. Caley has taken the Prophet 12 and, through diligent gain staging and a unique interpretation of the synth’s architecture, has created a set of sounds that range from gentle and organic to menacing and digital.

Sound banks will be in both .syx and soundtower formats. The files downloaded will be packed in a .rar folder.

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Sample Packs and Sample based instruments

Lowrey Venus Sample Instrument

The Lowrey Venus was a solid state organ made in the mid-seventies that weighed about 200lbs. These early Lowrey organs were used by bands such as The Who, The Band, Mike Oldfield, or The Beatles. Although you may not have room on stage or in your studio for such a magnificent instrument, you can have the full sound.
Caley sampled every key of every preset on the organ using his trusty Zoom H6 at optimal levels. He then organized the .wav files into labeled folders and created Kontakt instruments for each one.
With this sample pack you can re-create the sounds of this beastly instrument, or go beyond what was originally imagined through additive synthesis.



Lowrey Genie Drum Machine Sample Pack

The Lowrey Genie was a drum machine attached to the Lowrey spinet model organs. These are solid state analog generated drum sounds from the 1970s. These samples are dying to be warped, stretched, and squeezed into a modern production.
Inside this download you will find each drum pattern sampled at three different speeds.


Prophet Sunday Sample pack: Pads, Strings, Brass and Choral vol1

This sample pack is a unique set of sounds built from the ground up on the Prophet 12 synthesizer and deeply sampled with each key sampled at 4 velocity layers at 24bit depth and 48k sample rate. These Pads, Brasses, Strings, and Choral sounds will add beautiful distressed tones to your productions that those in the know understand the Prophet 12 is best at.

Your purchase will provide .wav files as well as .sf2 and .sxt formats compatible with many samplers.



Hohner Pianet M Sample Instrument

The Hohner Pianet can be famously heard on records ranging from The Beatles, Genesis, The Guess Who, King Crimson and many more than possible to list. The instrument plays more like a harpsichord than a piano, as it plucks the tines, as opposed to a Rhodes style electric piano which strikes them. The result is a softer sound without as much attack bite. The Pianet M was manufactured as an all-in-one version of the Pianet T. It was esentially a model T with an amp, set of speakers and a “Hohner Modulator” built in. The “Modulator” is a form of analog chorusing.

I constructed this sample instrument by recording every key via direct outs from the instrument and also designing some sounds with guitar amps, Leslie speakers, synthesizer inputs, and pedals. I hope you enjoy both the pure sounds as well as the unique interpretations I have created.

Your purchase will include .wav files for each key/velocity layer as well as .sfz, .sxt and .sf2 formatted instruments; these will play on most samplers. Files will be packed in a .rar folder. Please contact me if you would like the samples in a specific format not currently listed.


Yamaha SY22 Sample Instrument Vol.1

The SY22 is a very strange synthesizer. Easily overlooked and often underestimated, the sounds you can create with its’ sound engine coupled with the vector gestural control are surprising.

Yamaha purchased Sequential Circuits after their demise, and with that purchase came their R and D for the recently released Prophet VS. Dave smith and company then went on to design the SY22 synthesizer for Yamaha using similar tech. Although the instrument does not have any form of filtering, it has a unique digital grit and complexity all of its’ own.

The volume 1 sample pack includes all of the factory sounds. I recorded extra long times per key to capture as much of the evolving complexity possible. Upon purchase, you will receive a download link for a .rar folder containing every patch with per key .wav as well as .sf2, .sfv, and .sxt sample instrument formats; this should cover most every sample player. If you would like this in another format, please contact me.


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