A wolf tone, or simply a “wolf”, is a sustaining sympathetic artificial overtone that amplifies and expands the frequencies of a played musical note…

“Waves” composed and performed by Caley Kelly

About Us

Wolf Tone Recorders aims to take your sound project to the next level.

From overdub recording his own music as a child using two ghetto blasters with built-in mics, to mixing bands with dozens of inputs through line array PA systems and everything in between, Caley’s 20+ years of passion in music and sound are an asset to all projects he works on.

Creatively, technically or where the two meet Wolf Tone Recorders will be there to help make your sonic vision a reality.

Products and Services

Wolf Tone Recorders provides premier audio production services. We have a small, but well equipped, studio facility located in Barrie, Ontario where we can compose, arrange, track, and mix your masterpiece. The casual atmosphere allows creativity to blossom, while Caley’s experience keeps your project on track.

After you have the recording completed, Caley can assist with the live production elements such as FOH, monitors, and tour management. Please contact us for further information and pricing.

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